The Short, Late Summer Bouquet CSA

The Short, Late Summer Bouquet CSA

🌼The Short/Late Summer Mixed Bouquet CSA


This session run SIMULTANEOUSLY with the DAHLIA CSA BUT, only for 3 weeks, as frost usually ends the season of tender annuals about mid-September. You will receive 1 bouquet per week. This is an option if you’d rather have a mix of seasonal blooms.


This session will run 3 weeks, starting:

Saturday, September 3rd, 2022 until September 17th, 2022


If you prefer a seasonal mix of flowers and greens, this is the option for you! You will receive a generous selection of late season blooms, greens, herbs (and probably a dahlia or two)🙂.


This short (3 week) session is $90 (plus tax).

Pick up is on Saturdays at the Farm

  • Special Notes

    **🌿If you cannot make a pickup for any week you have signed up for, please gift your bouquet to a family member or friend and send them for pick up on that Saturday!


    Or ask us to donate your bouquet (we will see that your bouquet goes to a local nursing home or hospital for someone in need of having their day brightened with flowers! There is no delivery charge incurred for this service!)

    (I'm sorry, but shipping is not available for the Bouquet CSAs)

Excluding Sales Tax