Join us as we rediscover and explore our agricultural roots.

We embarked on our farming journey together in 2011.  As all things evolve, so does the farm. We currently raise goats, ducks, chickens, geese, and pigs. We, also, enjoy our horses, dogs and cats as companions on our journey. 

One of our favorite farming disciplines is permaculture. We are awaiting the maturing of our fruit and nut crops to see what they might bring to our table, and yours!

Our farm products include nut finished, forest-raised pork, forest-raised goat meat, pastured chicken, duck and goose eggs, cut flowers, as well as, edible flowers, herbs, occassionally veggies and fruits.  And, of course, our luxurious, handcrafted, goat's milk soaps and unusual goose egg ornaments.

We feed only locally grown, organic, soy-free grains. 

We choose to be a small scale, diversified farm to best oversee all of our enterprises and to continue to improve the health of our land. 

It is our goal to grow for you only the best quality products.


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